The Power to
Prove Results

Case Study


Freestanding liquor store in a small town in southern Delaware, very popular in its neighborhood. It had
a thriving business and was open 7 days a week and was processing thousands of tickets a day.

Problem: POS company they used, Liquor POS, was purchased by one of the large processor.
This made made it difficult for other processors to integrate with their system. In return, the liquor
store was left with no choice but to stay with the new integrated processor removing is power of choice.

Solution: Freedoom QuickConnect™ was installed into the Liquor store POS system, giving the business
the freedom to choose processor they wanted, while enjoying the automation of sending data to
the processing terminals.

Case Study


A beloved chain of trampoline parks across the the Unites States, with 40 locations, open 7 days a week, processing thousands of tickets a week.

Problem: The POS company the park used was not ready to be in compliance with new EMV requirements.

Solution: Freedoom Quick Connect was installed into tone of their locations for field testing, within minutes they were able to use EMV compliant terminals. Which reduced 100% of their fraud risk.

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